Body by Vi Team BC update!

It’s time to give you an update of Team BC on the Body By Vi 90 day challenge. The photos below were taken after 5 weeks.All three have commented on how improved their energy levels have been. No more 3pm slump which only a coffee could cure! They have all had their naughty moments with […]

30 Day Planking Challenge

With 3 of the Body Consultancy team on Body by vi shakes I thought I had better get on this health kick band wagon too! Cutting down my calorie intake (no naughty chocolate snacks), cutting out bread as much as I can throughout the day (French baguettes are my downfall) and increasing my exercise during […]

Frankie’s Achilles Heel…

You may or may not have noticed our Frankie hobbling around the clinic on occasion, but she has been and that’s due to an injury. Yes that’s right your chiropractor gets injured too! She has developed Plantar Fasciitis which is typically pain in the heel bone which mainly occurs when you stand up after resting […]

Team BC on the Body ByVi 90 Day Challenge

So last Monday Mark, Frankie and Paolo had a weigh in (shocking) and took some “before” photos to help monitor their progress on this 90 Day Challenge. We will be keeping you up to date fortnightly with their weight loss and photos so you can see their progress (below) . All three have signed up […]

Body Consultancy Updates

Mark has recently had a review meeting with Steve Hard the senior physiotherapist at Bournemouth football club and our very own physiotherapist at Body Consultancy. The meeting has secured Mark’s future as the official Chiropractor for the football club for the next 12 months. Mark, our lead practitioner, has been the official Chiropractor for over […]

Sports injury? Remember the PRICE!

The PRICE stands for Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and is used for treating acute sports injury within the first 2-3 days following the injury taking place. Below you will find the different stages of healing, when this happens in the injury timescale, what actually happens and what care you should seek. Inflammation will happen […]

Chiropractic Awareness Week

This week it’s Chiropractic Awareness Week!!! To celebrate we want you to get your family checked out. Studies have shown that the earlier spinal problems are detected the more likely outcome for a better prognosis. A consumer study by the BCA (Feb/Mar 2013) has found out that 44% of the population state that they are […]

Sport fanatic?

Here at Body Consultancy we’re plagued by a bug.  What dangerous bug is this I hear you ask! Well it’s the golf bug. Mark loves it. Will loves it. Lots of our patients play it so regularly they could call the golf course their second home. So how can you keep this love affair going […]

Frankie’s working more!!

We’re very happy to announce that as of 12th March 2013 Frankie (our fantastic chiropractor) will now be working Tuesday afternoons at the Bournemouth clinic!!! She will be making appointments from 1500 – 1740 until the end of the football season. Once that’s over she’ll be extending even further into the evening (hopefully the evenings […]

Fall in love with a Mediterranean Diet

I was lucky enough to be whisked away to Rome last week for Valentines Day. Whilst Mark went away on a luxurious weekend break to a cosy wood cabin and ate lots of pub grub, I strolled around Rome feasting on all the Mediterranean diet has to offer (including LOTS of ice-cream which was allowed as […]

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