The benefits of massage therapy and when to consider it

Whether you want to relieve a specific pain, de-stress, improve athletic performance or ease muscle tension, massage therapy can be an effective longer-term solution. In this article, our massage and sports therapists give the lowdown on massage therapy, its various benefits and when it’s best to visit Body Consultancy to receive a complimentary consultation. 

What is massage therapy? 

Let’s start with the basics, what is massage therapy? Some people have preconceived ideas of what exactly this is, but in reality, there are many different types of massage therapy available. Trust us when we say it’s much more than just a relaxing back massage. 

Highly skilled, qualified massage practitioners will use massage therapy techniques including ‘trigger point release’ and ‘fascial release’ to relieve pain in many areas of the body which will improve alignment, stability and posture. The most common places include; the back, neck, calves, shoulders and hamstrings or anywhere else for that matter.

Types of massage therapy

  • Deep tissue and remedial massage – When you’re suffering from aches and pains, it’s likely that the soft tissues have stuck together or become tight or knotted, deep tissue massage can be a great way of releasing them or breaking them down.
  • Soft tissue release massage – Using manual therapy (ie hands) to unwind dense tissue (muscle and fascia), this type of massage therapy works to increase blood circulation and reduce the swelling around joints. 
  • Sports massage – Aimed at those with a physically demanding job, or those that do a lot of high-intensity fitness, sports massage uses manual manipulation of the muscles to ease tension and pain. 

Health benefits of massage therapy

Pain relief

The most common reason for someone to first visit a massage therapist is due to ongoing pain in their body; this could have originated from an accident or sports injury or be as simple as poor posture from their working conditions. Finding the fundamental cause and then treating not only the pain point but the whole body, allows us to access you properly. 

Better sleep

Studies have proven that massage can have positive effects on your sleep and has huge benefits for those living with insomnia. When you have a professional massage, your body produces serotonin and dopamine which impacts your stress hormone and allows you to relax more easily, resulting in better sleep.  

Reduced stress & anxiety

Similar to the above, massage therapy decreases cortisol (a stress hormone). By applying gentle pressure, the muscles that have become tense from being stressed will relax. 

Fewer headaches 

Most people get headaches for three main reasons – too much caffeine, not enough water, or tension through the shoulders and neck.

You should be able to fix the first two issues yourself, but the tension will need to be looked at by a professional. By following a simple treatment plan, our therapists will be able to relieve the muscle tension and provide you with relief for the long term which should result in fewer headaches. 

Improved muscle quality

You could go to the gym every day and be the fittest person there, but if your muscle quality is poor, the result will be very painful. Having good circulation is hugely important to the health of your muscles and massage therapy can aid this. 

It will circulate the blood around your body better, a process called oxygenation which will help your muscles repair themselves quicker. It’s all very scientific but we’re happy to discuss this further with you! 

How does massage therapy provide relief long-term?

Massage therapy shouldn’t be a one-time thing, your therapist will establish a schedule that works with your body and the problem you came in to resolve. After a few short sessions, you’ll really feel the difference. After that, maintenance sessions every now and again will keep the pain away. 

Ready for your complimentary consultation? 

At Body Consultancy, our 15-minute complimentary consultation allows you to meet your massage therapist at one of our clinics in either Ringwood or Verwood. We’ll spend time really understanding not only your current symptoms but your daily activities, interests, experiences and goals to ensure you get a plan that works for you. 

There is no pressure at this consultation, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at either of our clinics on 01425 839908 (Ringwood) or 01202 021138 (Verwood) to discuss the benefits of massage therapy and sports therapy further and arrange a date to see Ella or Amanda. 

Why choose Body Consultancy?

We are a multi-discipline health clinic which means we have specialists in numerous areas, supporting various conditions, including: 

This allows us to recommend the ideal solution for your pain, as opposed to pushing you down the route you thought you initially needed. 

We have over 80 reviews across Google and Facebook, most of which are 5-star reviews from our clients who have seen huge changes in their lives, allowing them to live a better and healthier life. Click here to read reviews of our Ringwood and Verwood clinics. 

“Fantastic sports therapy treatment from Ella, who identified the cause of the pain I was getting when running, provided a successful course of treatment and a manageable set of exercises for me to do at home. I’m now running again, pain-free. All the staff at Body Consultancy are friendly, helpful and professional.” – Sarah 

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