How to reduce lower back pain

Lower back pain can be extremely debilitating and affect your day-to-day life in many ways. General tasks that you take for granted such as filling the dishwasher, or picking up your children can become hard work and painful.

Back pain, whether it’s chronic or has only just begun, should only be looked at by a health professional to diagnose the best steps moving forward.

As one of our specialities here at Body Consultancy, we will match you perfectly with a suitable practitioner depending on your symptoms, lifestyle and goals.

Common questions we get asked about lower back pain

What commonly causes lower back pain?

Poor posture – Prolonged poor posture or awkward movements can be a couple of reasons you are suffering; your back muscles can sometimes be placed under an abnormal biomechanical strain which causes the muscles to go into spasm and lock up because they can no longer sustain the tension.

Lifestyle – whether you’re sitting in an office chair for 8 hours a day, driving lorries across the country or your work involves handling heavy equipment, all of these things can put pressure and strain on your back.

Disease – unfortunately, some diseases such as cancer or osteoarthritis can mean you will suffer from lower back pain.

Injuries from an accident – the ligaments, tendons, and muscles in your back and spine can take on a massive amount of pressure following an accident, whether this was a fall or car crash, these sudden movements can have a huge impact on the pain you suffer.

When should I be worried about lower back pain?

Early intervention in regard to back pain can make all the difference, so we would always recommend seeing a health professional as soon as you can. The quicker a treatment plan can be put in place for you, the higher the chance of finding the root cause will be.

Which practitioners are able to resolve back pain?

As back pain is a very broad ailment, it can be treated by a range of practitioners, which include:

As a multi-disciplinary health clinic, we cross-refer within the clinic, so if we believe you’re better suited to one of the other practitioners at Body Consultancy, you know you will be getting the best service from someone who has experience with your pain.

How to reduce lower back pain

There are many factors that we will need to consider when establishing a treatment plan for your lower back pain.

First, a complimentary consultation (no fee) will be booked to give you a chance to speak face-to-face to a practitioner within our team clinical team. If we believe we are able to help you with your complaint/problem, we will ask you various questions.

Once we have diagnosed the root cause of the pain after a thorough examination, you will have your first treatment with us. In some cases, you may even feel a difference in your pain after the first session, but a treatment plan will always be designed with you in mind and tailored to your goals. Generally, this will be a recommendation of between 6-12 treatment sessions plus some activities and lifestyle changes that you can do at home.

What are the lifestyle changes I may need to make?

Whilst some of our clients may need to make some more drastic changes, others just have to tweak elements of their daily routine to support their treatment with us. Some examples include:

Adjusting your physical workload – if you are in a manual job, actions will need to be taken to ensure you’re not lifting such heavy items and that you are handling them properly.

Exercises – your practitioner may recommend some light exercises to do at home, or classes such as pilates.

Adjusting your surroundings – this may include trying a firmer mattress at bedtime, opting for a more ergonomic office chair, changing your pillows, or wearing different shoes.

Losing weight – your weight can have a significant effect on your back pain, so lifestyle changes may be needed to support this change.

Will I need to complete the full treatment plan even if I feel ok?

We always recommend our clients complete the full treatment plan for their pain management. At Body Consultancy, we want you to see long-term results and gains, rather than just quick wins where your pain will return weeks, or months later.

Ready to diminish your back pain?

If you’ve been reading this thinking now is the right time to seek some help, the best first step is to book that complimentary consultation. Our friendly team of chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, sports therapists and massage therapists across our Ringwood and Verwood clinics in Hampshire and Dorset will be ready to get you back to a more pain-free life. You can book online, or give us a call at 01425 473093.