Lower back pain

Incl. Back spasm, locked back, putting your back out

We treat back pain

If you are experiencing pain in your lower back, which is affecting your mobility and quality of life, we can help.

To get the help you need book a complimentary consultation with our back team today.

Lower Back Pain
Lower Back Pain

What are the common reasons for back pain?

  • Due to prolonged postures or awkward movements, your back muscles can sometimes be placed under an abnormal biomechanical strain.
  • This can cause the muscle to go into spasm and to lock up because it can no longer sustain the tension.
  • Very often, it is ‘normal’ activities like putting on your socks that will be the last straw for your muscles.

Treating your back pain

To get started book a complimentary consultation with our back team today.

  • A thorough examination by one of our Chiropractors would be recommended to rule out any potential hidden causes to your problem.
  • There’s always a chance that an underlying biomechanical problem is the reason that your back has locked up in this way.
Lower Back Pain
Lower Back Pain

Outlook after treatment

Based on our treatment and advice on changing how you move and hold yourself we can stabilise your condition so that the problem doesn’t re-occur. With our support, you will build new habits to help you on your way to full mobility and movement!