Anxiety and Covid19

If your feeling anxious and stressed by these unprecedented times and the governments quarantine and social distancing measures that we are all experiencing, your not alone.

I hope these two links below may help with any difficult psychological issues that this period may be causing you or any one close to you.

The first article is written by a very good friend of mine Colin Mathews he is a local and highly regarded Chartered Psychologist. Please click on the link below to his website, it helps to frame some of your emotions and explains that these are common fears and anxieties.

Click here for the link:


This  second link is to a government website. It helps remind you about connecting with others and maintaining those all important personal relationships. How to help and support others, how to look after your physical wellbeing and very importantly though often overlooked; your sleep. Lastly  it explains coping mechanisms for difficult emotions  and feelings. We are all making  drastic changes to our lives, these are difficult to deal with, please give some of your time to reading these links; they may be able to help you or your loved ones.

Click here for the  link:

I really hope this blog helps you through any difficult times and please call us if you want to talk anything through. The phones are answered between 10am and 12Midday Monday to Friday and my emails are answered when i can, throughout the week and even weekends. We are here to support you.

Stay Safe and Well

Best wishes,


Mark Caudle MD

BSc (Hons) Chiropractic DC MRCC MEAC