COVID – 19

COVID-19 has been the biggest disruption to our modern way of life.

It is affecting the way we shop, the way we work, the way we travel and the way we live our lives.

These are testing times for all of us, especially our soldiers on the front lines battling this invisible enemy. Our NHS staff. The logistics teams keeping supplies available and getting our soldiers to where they need to be. Our delivery men and women, bus and train drivers.

The rest of us need to do our bit by limiting our travel, reducing exposure to others and staying in as much as possible. This leads to the simple goal of reducing the spread of infection. Giving our soldiers that precious extra time to beat this pandemic.

I don’t use the word soldier lightly. These brave men and women are putting their lives on the line to save us. This interview by LBC with an ICU Doctor is just one example of how much pressure they are under and how emotional it is all getting.

There are some who are not heeding the Government’s advice. Using excuses like:

‘Boris Johnson is an idiot’

‘If I get it, I get it. I don’t care’

‘You shouldn’t stop people from going out’

‘It is all being blown out of proportion’

For those of you that agree with these statements, let me say, I totally understand.

Boris Johnson is not my favourite politician and he can come across as a buffoon.

If I get the virus, I am not fearful for my own health.

I encourage people to get out and exercise as part of my job. I don’t want people stuck in either.

I too believed early on that the media were blowing the situation out of proportion.

But this is not about me and my political views or opinion. It is protecting us and preserving life. Not just the people of the United Kingdom but for every human-being.

As far as I can tell, Boris Johnson is taking the advice of the top scientists and doctors this country has to offer. The advice he talks about is not his own opinion or spur of the moment thinking. It is an amalgamation of considered and strategic decisions made by a clever collective. It is NOT about him.

As a 30-year-old healthy person. I am not fearful of my own health if I were to get the disease. I fear for the health of the people I could give it too. My vulnerable family members and friends. The person I could pass it to on the street or in the shops. It is NOT about me.

There is no doubt that this situation is a global crisis. The WHO have declared this disease as a ‘Public Health Emergency of International Concern’. This means this is serious. The disease is very VERY infectious and affecting more and more people in more distant countries.

John Hopkins, World Health Organization and World-o-Meter websites show us how widespread the virus and how confirmed cases are increasing exponentially.

This lovely video talks about what Coronavirus is, what it does to us when it infects us and what could happen if we don’t stem the spread. It explains quite well the reasoning being social distancing and self-isolation strategies.

Finally, please be aware of fake advice/news. The Taiwanese test for lung fibrosis by holding your breath is complete nonsense! If it is shared but isn’t cited as coming from a reputable source I.e. it is just text with no link to a source or someone talking about what they heard; then it is most likely rubbish/ hear-say.

Please take heed of the Government’s advice. Stay home, practice social distancing, self-isolate if you have symptoms (new/continuous cough (continuous means more than 3 coughs/day) and fever), only shop for essentials like food and medicine but you can get out for a walk/run/cycle once a day to get some fresh air!

Nathan – Your Friendly Neighbourhood Osteopath