How our podiatrist could help you during ski season

Ski season is finally upon us; although we are hearing of some resorts with a lack of snow, many of us are anticipating more to fall before we hit the slopes!

Why might you need a podiatry clinic during ski season?

Daniella, our Podiatrist has got her ski holiday booked but she is still ready to help get her patients’ feet in order before they hit the slopes. Ski boots can cause some discomfort to the wearer as they have to be a snug fit which can cause compression resulting in all sorts of foot issues. Daniella is on hand at our podiatry clinic in Ringwood and Verwood to help with any problems that may occur.

What problems might you suffer from?

Callus is hard skin caused by pressure or friction, which normally builds up on the balls of our feet and our heels, this can be painlessly removed to make your feet nice and soft again.

Corns are hard skin that has imploded into the foot, usually on bony areas such as between toes and the balls of the feet, they can be uncomfortable and if left untreated can cause an infection.

Blisters are a form of skin protection to stop rubbing, however blisters can be painful – speak to Daniella for some advice and treatment if necessary to help with these.

In-growing toenails can be nasty and cause a lot of pain, if left untreated can cause infection.

Book an appointment today

Do not delay booking your Ringwood or Verwood podiatry appointment now before your ski season to make sure your feet are comfortable for the days or weeks you’ll be on the slopes.

Our other practitioners are on hand for the rehab of the muscles and joints as well so do not nurse that old injury hoping not to fall, get rehabilitation first so you can be your best on the mountain.

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