Shoulder pain

“My shoulder movement is restricted”

“I can’t sleep on this shoulder.”

“I’m struggling to raise my aim.”

“I seem to have lost strength in my arm”

There are many structures within the shoulder joint that can cause pain and discomfort.

Frozen shoulder, rotator cuff problems and posture related injuries are all common causes.

Prolonged postures and awkward movements can cause dysfunction of muscles. If this continues, it causes weaknesses in the muscles, which will then begin to tighten to protect themselves from overuse.

Naturally, this then changes the way you use your arm and can therefore result in further injuries.

Tests may be needed to rule out other possible causes for your condition.

Our Chiropractor or Sports Therapist will decide whether you need these further tests once a thorough examination has been made.

If you have suffered a recent trauma, an X-Ray would help to rule out a fracture, while a diagnostic ultrasound would determine a tendon tear or damage to the rotator cuff muscles.

Sometimes a MRI would be needed to determine the full extent of damage to the rotator cuff muscles.

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