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About us

Welcome to Body Consultancy

Our purpose is to improve the physical movement and wellbeing of as many people as we possibly can for as long as we can.

The key values that we encourage within ourselves and our patients are the acceptance of individual responsibility, the pursuit of knowledge and the aspiration for freedom in all things in life. We feel that the pursuit of these values should be tempered with humility, empathy and honesty at all times.

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Our Values


With over 50 years of experience, our team are highly trained to listen to you and assist with a wide range of healthcare problems allowing us to tailor your treatments accordingly for life-changing positive outcomes.


We know how debilitating muscular, skeletal and joint complaints can be, and how much they can influence your quality of life. In some cases, affecting your sleep, mobility and well-being. We’re trained to refer you to other health care professionals should you require treatments that we do not provide.


Humility is defined as being free from pride and arrogance. We have no time for arrogance at Body Consultancy. We don’t claim to be the best, we strive to be. We believe that philosophy shows in our customer reviews and the life changing treatments we are able to provide to our clients.


We want to help our patients live a full life, sadly we can’t perform miracles however with patient compliance and time investment the treatment outcomes achieved in our clinics literally give back our patients their freedom. There is no greater reward for us.

Our clinics

Our experienced team are available Monday to Saturday to arrange complimentary consultations and match you with the right practitioner for you.

Our services

As one of the South’s leading private healthcare practices we’ll take the time to really listen, so we fully understand your situation and what you want to achieve. Then we’ll put together the treatment or exercise programme that’s exactly right for you. You’ll be able to tap into a range of integrated services and scientifically proven, natural treatments delivered by our highly qualified healthcare practitioners.