Neck pain


“I’m struggling to turn my head.”

“It’s as if my neck has locked.”

“There is pain in my neck, shoulder blade and even in my arm.

Sometimes due to incorrect head position, prolonged postures or awkward sleeping positions, the neck muscles can be placed under an abnormal biomechanical strain.

This can cause the muscle to go into spasm and lock up because it can no longer sustain the tension.

Quite often, symptoms will improve within 24 to 48 hours. However, it can take up to a week for your symptoms to disappear completely.

Our Chiropractor will most likely work on the muscles in spasm with massage and stretches.

Typically, spinal manipulations will be performed to correct any misalignments.

If there is any weakness, exercises can be prescribed to make sure this doesn’t occur again.

A thorough examination by one of our Chiropractors to rule out any potential hidden cause(s) to your problem would be very beneficial. There’s always a chance that an underlying biomechanical problem is the reason that your neck has locked up in this way.

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