ACL rehabilitation

ACL injury – What Next?

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries can be catastrophic for an athlete, with a lengthy and dedicated rehabilitation programme required for an optimal return to sports. Here at Body Consultancy, we have a dedicated group of high-performance clinicians that work across a range of sports, to deliver highly bespoke, evidence-based rehabilitation following ACL injury.

Our Consultant Physiotherapist, Jonny King has over 10 years’ experience treating at a professional sport level, having worked with athletes from the English Premier League, the ATP Tour and the Olympic Games.

An ACL injury doesn’t mean a sporting career end these days! It is a common injury in professional and recreational athletes. If you are looking for an experienced practitioner, that has returned numerous athletes back to top level sports, let these testimonials speak for themselves. Jonny’s vast experience has helped local professional athletes such as Callum Wilson, and Lewis Cook return to the highest level of international sport following ACL injury.

Rehabilitation and Return to Sport

The primary goal for any athlete following an ACL injury, is usually to make a successful return to competitive sport. In order to achieve this, a holistic and completely bespoke approach to rehabilitation should be taken, to ensure restoration of both Time frames for ACL rehabilitation vary significantly and there have been reports from anything between 4 to 18 months. This is completely unique to each individual. Timeframes are influenced by the severity and extent of structural damage, surgical technique used, patient goals and individual physiology.




The rehabilitation process following ACL injury typically incorporate strength, balance and biomechanical retraining as the fundamentals for successful recovery. Our bespoke programme at Body Consultancy will target your individual rehabilitation needs and closely monitor these through regular objective testing to ensure you are right on track!

Your programme will be completely sporting specific, so whether you want to return to playing semi-professional football, or get back to your weekend Park Run, we’ve got you covered!


15 minute consultation (with Ella)


Initial consultation and treatment
(with Jonny at the Vitality Stadium)


Follow on treatment
(with Jonny at the Vitality Stadium)
(with Ella at Body Consultancy)


£60 -1Hr
£52 – 45 Mins
£42 – 30 Mins

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