The importance of Water

Let’s talk about water!💧

We all know that we need water to live, but did you know the recommended amount of water needed each day is eight 8-ounce glasses (roughly around 2 Litres). I know it sounds a lot doesn’t it, but drinking too little water each day has a huge impact on our energy levels, brain function, bowel movements, and our overall physical performance.
Our bodies contain 60% water, losing just 2% of our body’s overall water content causes dehydration, alters our body temperature, reduces our motivation, and increases fatigue; affecting both you physically and mentally.
If you struggle to drink enough water each day, why don’t you buy a reusable water bottle and make sure it’s full, and with you at all times. Another trick is to make it a habit of drinking a glass of water before every meal.
Don’t forget, when you exercise you lose around 6-10% of your water content. So, make sure you drink plenty of water when exercising!