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There is no pain quite like it, especially when you have accidentally knocked it for the third time that day! Ingrown toenails can result from stubbing your toe, wearing shoes that are too tight, cutting toenails too short, or it can be that unfortunately you just have a genetic predisposition to them.

An ingrown toenail is basically when a nail grows into the skin of your toe, which can range in severity. The skin next to the nail becomes tender, swollen or hard, then painful when pressure is placed on the toe and fluid can build around the toe. If left untreated ingrown toenails can lead to infection, which can worsen to ulcers or open sores.

This condition can be simply treated with toenail surgery. Depending on the extent of the ingrown toenail, it can involve either partial or total nail removal. Here at Body Consultancy Sam Moore our BSc Podiatrist is qualified in nail surgery and can help you move pain free again. She is based in our Ringwood and Verwood clinics.

Please note Sam will require an initial FREE consultation with you to discuss your suitability, and assess the level of surgery required before any treatment. Prices start from £250 for one nail side.

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