How to stay fit, healthy and pain-free during winter. Tips from a multi-discipline health clinic

During the festive season, it can be easy to put your health on the back burner whilst you enjoy family time and the traditions that come with Christmas. 

However, whilst we agree that a little bit of indulgence won’t hurt anyone, it’s important to put yourself first, and whether you have a pain that’s been niggling you for a while, or you’re part way through a treatment plan with your practitioner, try and follow some of our tips over the next few weeks and as we go into the new year. 

Stick to a routine

We know this is a hard ask with everything going on, but if you usually wake up at 7am and get in a few stretches before the day starts, try and stick to this, you will feel better for it and it will start your day off nicely. 

If your practitioner has provided you with an ‘at home’ exercise plan, try and regularly keep to this so you’re on top form when you get back to your routine appointments. 

Have some goals in mind

No pressure to do too much, it’s important to put your feet up during this time, but if you can set some goals leading up to January and going into the new year, you will have set yourself up well for a good start to 2023. 

Maybe a goal of yours could be to get some fresh air every day during the festive break, it’s easy enough to become a bit of a recluse when the family are constantly coming and going. Schedule some fresh air time into your day, whether this is a brisk winter walk or a quick jog around the block. 

Don’t take on too much 

We’re talking mentally and physically here, depending on the reason for your pain, the festive season can put extra pressure on you to get things done. Whether this is carrying that extra load of shopping, moving furniture, transporting gifts to and from the car or just generally being on your feet a lot more if you’re hosting, ask for help. You don’t want your body to suffer more than it is already just because you are trying to be the hostess with the mostest

Stay optimistic

If you’re really struggling with your pain, try and stay optimistic…Body Consultancy is still around if you need to speak to your practitioner. We are open up until Christmas Eve with only a few days closed, so you can book an appointment and keep up that positive attitude. 

Check your posture 

Once the Christmas feast has been had, just check in on yourself, how is your posture whilst you’re sitting at your dining table? Or slumped on the sofa whilst you’re in a food coma. Being more aware of your body will help you to adjust it and relieve some of the pain you may be experiencing. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Whether the big Christmas clean is playing on your mind during the lead-up, or you haven’t quite got all that wrapping done quite yet, give yourself a break. Putting too much pressure on yourself can lead to more complications with your pain, and excessive bending could make your pain worse and stop you from doing other day-to-day activities. 

Ask for support where possible, or spread your jobs over a few days. 

Try not to miss your health clinic appointments

It can be easy enough to just give yourself a week off, but you’ll be surprised how many of our clients recognise a big difference when even just one session is missed. 

For this reason, both our clinics will still be open during that strange Christmas / New Year period, allowing you to visit us for your treatments. 

You can see our festive opening hours on our website here.

Book a complimentary consultation with Body Consultancy

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The 15-minute complimentary consultation lets our team assess your pain, before moving on to the examination and then your initial treatment. We have expertise in the following: 

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