Neck and Shoulder Headaches

The medical term for headaches coming from your neck and shoulders is cervicogenic headaches. But even knowing that isn’t much comfort when you’re suffering from the pain and distress that they bring.

As always, we’ll aim to get to the root causes of your headaches. Typically they’re brought about by tension that causes neck pain or pain in the back of the head – tension that often results from irritation of the joints and muscles by things like strains, repetitive postures and lifting.

The good news is that natural, hands-on treatments can act as effective prevention against migraine headaches or constant headaches, and can help to relieve the pain. And using a preventative approach rather than medication can often be a better treatment strategy.

Our chiropractic, osteopathic and physiotherapy specialists in names of locations are experienced and highly qualified in the treatment, prevention and relief of migraines and headaches.

A massive thank you to the team for getting me up & moving again after my car accident. I honestly don’t think I would have recovered so quickly without receiving such excellent treatment.’’
– Liz Ekrem

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