The Benefits of Yoga

Why you should practice Yoga

Yoga has been practiced by many for hundreds of years to help improve strength, balance, and flexibility, but it is also an excellent way to relax, relieve back pain, and to also help you sleep better.  

We know yoga isn’t for everyone, but how would you know if it’s not for you if you have never tried it. No matter your age, flexibility, or experience, yoga can be practiced anywhere. If you are thinking of taking up yoga for the first time, following YouTube tutorials online, getting plenty of research, or even joining your local yoga sessions with a qualified instructor are great ways to practice the ancient movement.  

For now, I’m going to introduce you to a few popular and effective yoga movements to help you feel relief and happier.  


Tree Pose: 

This movement is great to improve strength, balance, and flexibility 


Cat cow pose: 

Have you got back pain you can’t seem to get rid of? Why not try this yoga movement to help ease your pain and improve your mobility.  


Downward Dog Pose: 

This movement is great for your heart health as it can reduce levels of stress and body inflammation. 

These are just a few you can try. Why not try some more yoga positions and book a group yoga session with Rasha, our yoga instructor.

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