The benefits of a regular sports massage

By Ella Deeley

Many people associate a Sports Massage with professional athletes and playing sport to a high intensity however everyone can benefit from a regular sports massage. A Sports Massage not only reduces muscle soreness and increases athletic performance but research also has found them to relieve stress, encourage relaxation and increase movement however best of all they make us feel great as they stimulate endorphins!

To compliment the Sports Massage, I also use a variety of soft tissue techniques including Dry Needling (optional), Trigger pointing and Myofascial work. Dry Needling is similar to Acupuncture whereby the clinician will insert needles into the skin, perfect for reducing pain and stiffness, which I often use alongside Trigger pointing. A Trigger point, is also known as a muscle knot which can be highly sensitive and irritable which is relieved via Trigger pointing a technique whereby pressure is applied to the area before being released; reducing the patients pain, relieving muscular tension and increasing the mobility of a specific area. During a treatment, I will also use a variety of myofascial techniques which focus on reducing pain and tension, involving a combination of gentle massage accompanied by some stretching.

So, whether you’re someone who has regular massages or its your first time, and you love feeling great and want to reduce any muscular pain or tightness a regular Sports Massage is the perfect treatment for you.