The Pregnancy Series: How to sleep easy!

Find a comfy safe sleeping position for you and the baby

Trying to sleep with that bump can be difficult, uncomfortable and just down right frustrating. Today we will go over how to get comfortable and stay that way the whole night!

Lying on your side

If you lie on your back the weight of the baby will put a lot of pressure through your abdominal cavity making breathing more difficult. It will also make you more likely to “chest breathe” which could lead to lots of other unwanted aches and pains.
Lying on your front will put extra weight through the baby, round your shoulders, extend your mid-back and round your pelvis. This is pretty much the opposite of optimum posture and will be very uncomfortable over long periods.
Lying on your side will most likely be the most comfortable position. There is room for your bump to lay on the bed and for your spine to be neutral. There may be some stress put through your muscles but we can sort that!


Pillows are your best friend – they will offer support for you and the baby and keep you from rolling over. Try placing a pillow under your bump. This will support your stomach and stop your lower back muscles from stretching. This should help with the lower back aches that wake you up or come on during the day.
Placing another pillow between your legs will help keep your pelvis straight. During pregnancy your body produces extra type 2 collagen which helps make the ligaments in your pelvis have more give. This is great for delivery but wreaks havoc on your body before and after. By having the pillow between your legs your pelvis will get the extra support it needs and aid in preventing too many extra aches from the pelvis.
Putting a pillow behind your lower back and almost tucking it slightly under will stop you from rolling onto your back during the night. This will help you say in an ideal position, stopping you from waking up too many times during the night.

Last tips

So if you are still struggling to get to sleep it might be worth trying a few more tricks to help.

• A warm shower before bed will trigger your sleep response as your body cools
• Clear your head with meditation or reading an old book you like for 15 minutes
• Keep hydrated through the day but reduce water intake an hour before bed
• Try not to recline soon after eating (avoid heartburn)

Hopefully with these tips you should be sleeping through the night with no issues. If you feel like you’d like more advice seek a manual therapist near you to get some extra relief!

By Tristan White MOst DO ND