Why is Swift an effective verruca treatment?

Verrucae can be painful and uncomfortable. We know it’s tempting but it isn’t always best to treat a verruca at home – instead, you should seek professional podiatry advice. At Body Consultancy we are very excited to welcome new verruca treatment technology to our extensive clinical practices to get you back on your feet pain-free without that pesky verruca.

Introducing Swift Microwave Therapy

Swift microwave therapy is a new technology, used in podiatry and dermatology, designed to target and eliminate skin lesions such as verrucae. During verruca removal, it delivers a high, controlled energy dose to a depth of 4mm into the skin. Microwaves then cause the water molecules in the skin to heat up and in turn stimulate an immune response to treat the affected area quickly. 

Are microwaves safe for verruca treatment? 

The microwaves used to treat verruca as part of the Swift system are non-ionising radiation which means they do not cause damage to a person’s DNA ​(Swift, 2019)​. Have a look at our Swift microwave therapy page for more information on how our podiatrist uses this technology to get rid of a verruca on your foot. 

What is a verruca?

Verrucae are plantar warts caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). They are the most common viral infections of the skin, affecting 7% to 10% of the general population​ (Miller, 2018)​. 

There are over 100 subtypes of HPV, but only a few types can cause skin warts at selective anatomical sites​ (Ahmed M. Al Aboud, 2022)​. Verrucae can look very similar to a wart, if you are unsure about a skin lesion it is best to get it examined by a qualified health professional.  

How do I know if I have a verruca?

The best way to determine if you have a verruca is to book a 15 min complimentary consultation with our podiatrist. They can assess your skin lesion and give you advice on how best to treat it. 

Alternatively, if you have a wart on your hand, book a complimentary consultation with our podiatrist, Daniella. Swift might be an option for you! 

Book your Swift appointment today

If Swift microwave treatment sounds like the right solution for your verruca or lesions, book your Swift appointment today. We have convenient opening hours to fit around your busy schedule, and the treatment itself is done within seconds, so you will be in and out in no time and one step closer to being verruca free. 

You can book online, or give us a call at our Ringwood clinic on 01425 473093. Have a look at some relevant web pages that may be of interest below: 


We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic! 


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