What is the difference between warts and verruca?

A common question from our clients is, ‘what is the difference between warts and verruca?’ The short answer is nothing! They are both a form of the human papillomavirus (HPV) and they can occur anywhere on your body.

A wart is normally found on hands, knees or elbows and tends to look like a cauliflower-type raised lump. A verruca is found on the sole of your foot and generally looks like a flat round mark in the skin and sometimes but not always has black dots in middle (these are clotted blood capillaries).

Verruca treatment

You can try over-the-counter remedies or even some old wives’ tales found on the internet such as putting banana skins in your shoes to resolve verruca! (Yuck) however, these often are not strong enough to get rid of the pesky verruca. Speak to Daniella our podiatrist about methods she uses such as salicylic acid, cryotherapy and coming soon for the new year – Swift microwave therapy!

If you are worried about a growth on your foot and are unsure what it is why not book a complimentary consultation with Daniella today to confirm a diagnosis and find out more about treatment to resolve the issue and get your feet looking beautiful once again? 

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