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DNS – What is it and how can it help me?

DNS is an easy way of saying Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation. Simply put, this concept is a rehabilitation approach that is designed for everyone and anyone. It is an approach that controls movement centres in the brain and encourages our bodies to move how they are

My personal experience with back pain…

Hi, Nathan your Friendly Neighbourhood Osteopath here. As an Osteopath, you may think of me as immune to back pain. Like how Superman is impervious to bullets or how America is to gun logic. But unfortunately not. Recently I injured my back playing hockey. The

The Everyday Series: Driving

Drive comfortably and correctly – Pain free Most people drive or at the very least spend some time in a car every day. It is important to have a healthy posture and keep bad habits away. Seat Height First things first we want to adjust