Our advanced chiropractic care diagnoses, treats and prevents disorders of the musculoskeletal systems of your body without pain, drugs or surgery. Quite simply, treatment can improve your health problems, with many patients enjoying immediate relief after both the treatment and follow-up care.

Our Chiropractic Fees

Initial consultation and treatment – £58

Follow on treatment – £38

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What is a Chiropractor?

A Chiropractor is a highly trained health care practitioner. They are what’s called primary healthcare which means they are trained to a degree standard and depth that enables an understanding of all of the body’s systems – put simply: Chiropractors do not just treat backs. The title Chiropractor is protected in statute, what this means is that there has been an act of parliament to define what a Chiropractor is and does.

Professional Diagnosis

Diagnosing and treating your complaint is of paramount importance to us. What this means is that we find and treat the cause of your symptoms not just the symptoms themselves. That’s why all Body Consultancy Chiropractors are trained and equipped to carry out investigations such as X-Ray, orthopaedic tests and laboratory testing of urine and blood samples where needed to assist with the diagnosis of your complaint. We approach your body as a whole; should we then feel you could benefit from some of our other treatments, we will ensure that you receive them promptly. That’s where Body Consultancy’s multidisciplinary approach counts.

How do we help?

Our Chiropractors use gentle manipulation of joints, soft tissue techniques such as massage, and rehabilitation exercises. This helps to restore normal function and relieve any pain or discomfort.

We can usually help you if you suffer from joint pains, general aches & pains, backaches & back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, shoulder or elbow pain, tension, sciatica, and migraine prevention.

Let’s re-state the most important considerations: Body Consultancy Chiropractic care is proven to be effective, safe, drug-free and surgery-free.

Proven Results

Here’s a comprehensive list of complaints where scientific and medical evidence has proven that Chiropractic care can make a big difference:

Low back pain
Neck pain
Acute whiplash
Tennis elbow
Hip and knee arthritis
Shoulder girdle pain/ dysfunction
Prevention of migraine
Neck-related headaches or dizziness
Knee pain