Connor Smith


Connor qualified as a Chiropractor from AECC University College following 5 years of training after being more inquisitive about how the body functions and how the mind and body are connected. Having come from a sporting background, he has learnt the importance of self-development to continually learn new skills personally and professionally.

Connor is highly motivated to educate and support individuals to achieve their own personal health goals by reducing symptoms such as pain and improving optimal levels of function, working towards finding the root cause of the problem. He achieves this by offering a variety of hands-on treatment modalities including spinal and extremity manipulation, mobilisation, and other manual therapy techniques. To move well is to feel well.

In his spare time, Connor is a passionate golfer, playing and socialising come sunshine or rain (mainly sunshine). He looks forward to work with others in the golfing community to keep them hitting the ball for as long and as far as possible to improve their game.

Whilst one of his areas of special interest is golf, Connor enjoys keeping on top of his general health and wellbeing with a genuine interest for all sports and leisure activities including cycling, badminton, cooking or catching up on TV crime dramas.

“There is no glory in practice, but without practice, there is no glory”. Striving to achieve greater and set goals big or small, seek to take opportunities where presented and give it your all, even if it means stepping out of the comfort zone. The above quote emphasises what I believe to become a winner and strive for success.

If you are striving to get rid of those day to day aches and pains or simply improve the way you move then kickstart your journey and Book an Appointment with Connor.