Mark Caudle

BSc (Hons) Chiropractic DC MRCC MEAC
Chiropractor & Managing Director

Changing movement, changes lives. That’s my personal ethos, and the belief that led me to set up Body Consultancy. I wanted to give people the tools to manage their problems and resolve underlying issues by improving their movement patterns. It remains our ethos today – and the strong belief that sets our team apart.

I was inspired to move into healthcare after a car accident led me to a chiropractor who advised and treated me. I went on to study at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, graduated in that discipline in 2002, and straight afterwards founded Body Consultancy.

In parallel with the business developing I worked with the now premier league AFC Bournemouth football club for more than eleven years as their chiropractor. For two years I was contracted as part of their medical team to be the first team chiropractor in the Premier league. I still treat several of their players and staff. There are only so many hours in one day though.

While my area of special interest is spinal stability and control, and how this relates to spinal and extremity injuries, I aim to stay at the leading edge of chiropractic and rehabilitation care by continuing to study, train, and improve the treatments I and my colleagues can offer. That’s now my focus – enhancing my personal knowledge and the skills of the team in these exciting and developing areas of healthcare.

In my downtime I enjoy outdoor life and sport. I played hockey for 25 years, but today it’s golf, mountain climbing and water sports – all often enjoyed as a family with my partner and two young boys.

BSc (Hons) DC Doctor of Chiropractic
Certified Exercise Trainer DNS (Dynamic Neuro-muscular Stabilisation)
Member of the European Academy of Chiropractic
Member of the Royal College of Chiropractors
General Chiropractic Council
British Chiropractic Association member