Mention the word Yoga, and many will visibly recoil at the idea with visions of impossible bodily contortions. The truth is that Yoga is so much more than odd looking positions! The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit ‘yui’ (to bind) and is often interpreted as “union”. It can be seen as the coming together of body and mind. Yoga brings about a sense of balance to your whole being. In short, it just makes you feel good!

Our Yoga Fees

Pay as you go class £12

Block of 5 classes £45 (£9 per class)

Block of 12 classes £99 (£8.25 per class)

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There are different types of Yoga

Some focus on a slower pace, working on alignment and posture with stretches that are held for long periods. This would benefit those who have tight muscles and are recovering from injury (those who need to work on their flexibility and posture, e.g. the elderly, people returning to sport, ex sports people, those suffering from long term complaints), stretches are held for longer to release deep muscles and connective tissue.

Other Yoga types include those that strengthen the body and improve stamina, a little more strenuous, for those that may be a little more able but still great for those who have suffered an injury or just want to improve fitness. It will improve your strength and stability in a safe way, especially to prevent any re-occurrence of an injury. Those it would suit are office workers, people who have a level of fitness but who have had an injury and need to exercise safely and improve their alignment and flexibility, it is a low impact workout.

Benefits of our Yoga classes

Helping to relieve stress and improve breathing
Aids sleep (come to an evening class just before bed!)
Reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes
Improves posture, flexibility and alignment
Improves co-ordination, balance and core stability
Can help with weight loss
Teaches you how to rest your mind so you can focus your energy more efficiently
Overall as you practice Yoga, you start to feel better inside and out. You will feel empowered, find it easier to cope with life’s stresses and this will help you to achieve your goals and potential.

Body, Mind and Core

A Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates workout that lengthens, strengthen, calms and leaves you centered.

We offer this class as a carefully structured series of movement, postures and stretches to music that creates harmony and balance. A holistic workout building flexibility, co-ordination and strength using a gentle flowing sequence.

If you want to get fitter, and improve your posture and strength, but in a slightly different way then come and join this session – the first class is totally free for you to try.

Other Benefits

Other benefits include:

Improves cardiovascular function
Enhances mental well being
Reduces stress
Lifts mood
Improves flexibility & core strength

Yoga Session Times

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  • 18.15 - 19.15
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