The undeniable skills of our qualified physiotherapists address back, neck and sciatic pain; headaches from injury, tension or stress; and sports injuries in people of all ages. We also give you sound advice for future prevention. Our aim is to get you back to full potential fast.

Our Physiotherapy Fees

Initial Consultation £58
Under 18 discounted to £52

Treatment/Rehabilitation Session £38
Under 18 discounted to £32

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Back & Neck Pain

Back pain, neck pain and sciatica are common problems we encounter. There are many potential causes of these conditions, including bad posture, falling asleep in an awkward position, back strains from lifting and twisting, or from sports related injuries. Tingling, numbness and aching in the legs or arms are often associated with spinal dysfunction, and should be checked out speedily.

Lower Limb

The lower legs, ankles and feet are complex structures. The foot alone features more than 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Even if you’re not an athlete, they usually take a heavy workload while standing and walking to support, move and balance the rest of your body. At Body Consultancy, we study your symptoms closely to identify likely causes and possible treatment options, which may include pelvic alignment, foot biomechanics and muscle balance.

Shoulder & Arm

Wrist pain, hand pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, shoulder impingement… there is a list of common complaints to the upper limbs quite literally as long as your arm! Physiotherapy is ideal for retraining shoulder movement, remobilising the joint, and relieving impingement of trapped tendons. It’s the same for tendonitis encountered in the form of tennis or golfer’s elbow caused by inflammation of several structures of the elbow and with wrist and hand pain, which is a very common complaint. Physiotherapy can help to reduce pain of inflammation and retrain movement.


Headaches due to stress, tension or injury are commonly treated problems. When the upper spine and associated muscles become tight and dysfunctional, headaches can often be the result. Poor posture is another major cause.

Sports Injuries

We treat a broad range of sporting individuals from children playing football at school, to elderly recreational runners and even professional athletes. Untreated sports injuries can lead to long term weakness and recurrence. However, they can often be quickly and effectively remedied with physiotherapy. We adopt a proven team approach that involves the athlete and coach (and parents for young athletes). This forms an important support structure when setting out an exercise rehabilitation programme.

Sound Advice

Equally important is the advice we offer for effective prevention of future occurrences. Common sports injuries treated include knee ligament problems, ankle ligament sprains, muscular strains, tennis elbow, overuse injuries, groin pain, hip pain, and tendonitis. All these debilitating conditions respond well to physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy Session Times

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