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Physiotherapy in Ringwood & Verwood

Are you experiencing pain that is stopping you from completing day-to-day tasks? Spending time with family and loved ones? Or reaching your goals and dreams? Whether you want to climb mountains and participate in sports or simply get through a day at work or pick your grandchild up without pain…we can help.

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Common problems we treat

No two people’s pain is the same, which is why we assess each individual to come up with a
bespoke treatment plan that will work for them.​

Back Pain
Shoulder Pain
Neck Pain
Ankle Pain
Elbow Pain
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Heel Pain
Wrist Pain
Foot Pain

Types of treatments

Our approach

Here at Body Consultancy, we offer 3 phases of care which will help to treat, stablise and maintain your condition:


We believe in working with the whole person – not just the painful area. So we’ll spend time really understanding not only your current symptoms but your daily activities, interests, experiences and goals.


We’ll advise you on what needs to change in the way you, move and hold yourself so that your problem doesn’t re-occur. We’ll help you build new habits to support your continued progress to full mobility and movement.


 This ongoing phase is usually especially important for conditions we refer to as chronic (over 6 months), sub-acute (over 3 months) or acute (last few weeks) with significant re-occurring previous episodes.

How much will physiotherapy cost?

Once you have met one of our physiotherapists for your complimentary consultation, we will be able to provide you with a plan based on your requirements.

Our experienced physiotherapist


For a physiotherapy appointment at Body Consultancy, it’s best to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that allows easy access to the areas your therapist will assess and treat. Typically, athletic wear or clothing that permits movement, like a t-shirt, shorts, or leggings, is a good choice. Avoid wearing tight or restrictive clothing as it may hinder the therapist’s ability to perform evaluations and provide treatments effectively. The therapist will need to clearly see and palpate/touch/assess movement in the area of your complaint. Additionally, don’t forget to wear appropriate footwear, such as athletic shoes, if needed for exercises or assessments.

At Body Consultancy, new patient consultations for physiotherapy last 50-60 minutes, allowing a comprehensive physical assessment and medical history to take place. A diagnosis and treatment are usually included in this first consultation.

Subsequent treatment sessions are 20-30 minutes, focusing on personalised care and addressing specific musculoskeletal needs efficiently and effectively with manual therapy and rehabilitation exercises.

Physiotherapy treatment at Body Consultancy is generally designed to alleviate pain and improve physical well-being, so it should not cause excessive discomfort. While some manual therapy or exercises may cause mild temporary discomfort, it is usually well-tolerated. The experienced practitioners at Body Consultancy prioritise patient comfort and will communicate with you to ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible while still being effective.

A physiotherapist at Body Consultancy specialises in optimising physical function and mobility. They assess and treat a diverse range of musculoskeletal issues, injuries, and conditions. Through personalised care, they employ various techniques such as manual therapy, exercise programs, soft tissue techniques, and rehabilitation to alleviate pain, enhance flexibility, and promote overall well-being. Body Consultancy’s physiotherapists prioritise patient-centered care,
addressing individual needs to help clients regain and maintain their optimal physical health and quality of life.

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy at Body Consultancy is a specialised and patient-centric approach to address a wide range of musculoskeletal issues. It begins with a thorough assessment to understand your condition and needs. Treatment typically involves a combination of manual therapy, targeted exercises, soft tissue techniques, and rehabilitation programs tailored to your specific requirements. The experienced practitioners at Body Consultancy aim to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and enhance your overall musculoskeletal health, ensuring a holistic and effective approach to your well-being.

Physiotherapy at Body Consultancy primarily focuses on optimising physical function of joints and muscles through exercises, manual therapy, and rehabilitation. It addresses specific musculoskeletal issues with a goal to alleviate pain and improve well-being.

Osteopathic treatment, however, views the body holistically, emphasising the interconnectedness of all the bodies systems. Osteopaths use a wider range of manual
techniques and consider factors beyond musculoskeletal health, promoting self-healing and overall well-being.

Both approaches at Body Consultancy prioritise individualised care but differ in their scope and techniques, offering comprehensive options to suit various healthcare needs.