Resolving your sprains, strains and acute pain


Osteopathy in Ringwood & Verwood

Are you suffering from pain that you can’t resolve at home? Don’t suffer in silence.

We have Osteopaths at both our Ringwood and Verwood clinics ready to help you live a more pain-free life. Whether it’s been a short-term pain from a recent accident, or you’ve been dealing with it for a while now, we will work with you to find the root of the pain and put in place a suitable solution and bespoke treatment plan.

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Common problems we treat

Osteopaths are highly skilled musculoskeletal healthcare practitioners. They can help with a wide range of conditions from acute sprains and strains to chronic pain. Below is a list of common problems we can help you with.​

Aches & Pains
Joint Pains
Arthritic Pain
Circulatory Problems
Digestion Problems
Joint Pains
Muscle Spasms
Inability to Relax
Rheumatic Pain
Minor Sports Injuries

Types of treatments

Our approach

Here at Body Consultancy, we offer 3 phases of care which will help to treat, stablise and maintain your condition:


We believe in working with the whole person – not just the painful area. So we’ll spend time really understanding not only your current symptoms but your daily activities, interests, experiences and goals.


We’ll advise you on what needs to change in the way you, move and hold yourself so that your problem doesn’t re-occur. We’ll help you build new habits to support your continued progress to full mobility and movement.


 This ongoing phase is usually especially important for conditions we refer to as chronic (over 6 months), sub-acute (over 3 months) or acute (last few weeks) with significant re-occurring previous episodes.

How much will osteopathy treatment cost?

Once you have met with one of our osteopaths for your complimentary consultation they will be
able to provide you with a plan based on your requirements.

Our osteopath's


I qualified as an Osteopath in 2013 where the support from my wife was central in this journey. The catalyst to pursue a career in osteopathy started way back when I had a treatment from an Osteopath, Ray Gaines, in Bournemouth. He was excellent in treating and relieving my aches and pains. Multiple treatments over the years from Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Massage, podiatry, and acupuncture, have all helped and provoked a curiosity of the body.

I have worked historically in various industries over the years, allowing me to gain a large variety of experience. This has led me to understand that the philosophy of osteopathy is a lifelong journey and exploration to continually learn and develop both on a personal and professional level. This profession cements partnership to improve, empower, and enlighten patients to establish better habits for a healthier tomorrow.


Nicola qualified as an Osteopath in June 2022, following 4 years of training at the University College of Osteopathy, she has previous experience as a Massage Therapist in London, as well as working as a mobile massage therapist.

Following the completion of her Osteopath qualification, Nicola has gained vital and extensive knowledge of the human anatomy and works in a holistic way to treat the cause of the problem using hands-on techniques such as manipulation, stretching and massage.

Nicola will work closely with you to find the root of the problem and looks forward to working within a multi-discipline health clinic.