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We ask a lot of our feet. We stand on them, walk on them, run on them if we’re fit enough, and expect them to support our full body weight for hours on end.

So anything wrong down there – from heel pain or ankle pain to warts, verrucae or problem toenails – can have an immediate effect on your freedom of movement and quality of daily life. As Socrates said 2500 years ago, “to him whose feet hurt, everything hurts”.

You can count on our experienced, fully qualified Body Consultancy podiatrists to assess, diagnose and wherever we can treat any condition that’s giving you a problem with your feet or legs. We always aim to take a holistic approach – which means we’ll look at your medical history and lifestyle as well as how your whole body performs in relation to your lower limbs and feet.

Meet our podiatrists Sam Moore and Anthony Cheshire

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“Having suffered back pain from February which was severely restricting my activities I was delighted to see Tina for a thorough assessment. The treatment I have had has been excellent and has solved my problem. Tina has been friendly but professional and has explained exactly what she is doing and what I can do to help myself.”
– Ann Livingstone


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Our three phases of care

Treat – professional assessment

We believe in working with the whole person – not just the painful area. So we’ll spend time really understanding not only your current symptoms, but your daily activities, interests, experiences and goals. This phase involves regular bi-weekly treatment, normally lasting between two and four weeks depending on the duration and complexity of your complaint. We’ll then agree with you what we see as the most likely timetable and commitment from you during the next phase.

Ready to change your movement?

We know you may want to check us out and get a feel for us before you commit! That’s why we offer any new client thinking of coming to us a short free initial assessment. Click the “Get in touch” button below to get the contact details to call or email us to book today at a time that suits you!

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