Jennifer Box

My journey into the world of podiatry came about during the COVID 19 pandemic when I decided I wanted to change my career. I have always worked in office jobs but knew I wanted to be more people focused, so I trained as a Foot Health Practitioner and qualified in March 2022. I started with home visit in my local area, this led me to join the NHS in January 2023 as a Podiatry Support Worker.

It was here that I really found my passion for podiatry and wanted to pursue my career further to become a podiatrist, this is how I came across Body Consultancy. I am looking forward to my career developing with Body Consultancy and helping people along the way.

There is no better feeling than someone walking through the door in pain and leaving pain free after their first treatment, the expression I hear a lot is ‘ I can feel a difference already’. I also enjoy building a rapport with my patients to learn about their lives, as we usually follow up every 6-8 weeks. In my spare time I like to play netball and have recently taken up cold water therapy.