Ringwood Personal training

Your goals, your targets, your dreams. We’ll start with you, and what you want to achieve. We wouldn’t even think of doing it any other way.

Some people come to us to lose weight. Others come because they’re training for a marathon, or a Tough Mudder, or to trek the trails of Nepal. Many come to get back to fitness after surgery or illness.

Whatever your starting point, and wherever you want to get to, you can count on our highly experienced, fully qualified personal trainers to understand your health and fitness goals, talk through any issues, earn your trust, and develop a well thought out, meticulously structured plan that’s totally tailored to you.

Your plan might include one to one personal training using our specialised gym equipment … joining in one of our group sessions (always great fun) … taking advantage of the great outdoors (perfect forest training locations less than a mile away) … or any combination.

Most important, and perhaps the most beneficial for the people we train, is permanent lifestyle change – helping to build new habits that lead to better health, wellbeing and physical achievement. That’s what we mean by “changing movement, changing lives”.

Meet our sports therapist Ella Deeley who works from our Ringwood clinic.

Back and neck pain

Back pain, neck pain and sciatica are common conditions but with many different causes – from bad posture and falling asleep in an awkward position to repeated lifting and twisting or sports-related injuries. Tingling, numbness and aching in the legs or arms are often associated with spinal dysfunction and need to be checked out speedily.

Lower limbs

Our lower legs, ankles and feet are complex structures. The foot alone has more than 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Even if you’re not an athlete, your feet take a heavy workload to support, move and balance the rest of your body. We’ll study your symptoms closely to identify likely causes and possible treatment options which may include pelvic alignment, foot biomechanics and muscle balance.

Shoulders and arms

Wrist pain, hand pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, shoulder impingement – the list of common complaints affecting upper limbs is literally as long as your arm! Physiotherapy is ideal for retraining shoulder movement, remobilising the joint, and relieving impingement of trapped tendons. It’s the same for tendonitis in the form of tennis or golfer’s elbow caused by inflammation of structures of the elbow and with wrist and hand pain. Physiotherapy can help to reduce the pain of inflammation and retrain movement.


Many people come to us with headaches caused by stress, tension, poor posture or injury. When the upper spine and associated muscles become tight and dysfunctional, headaches can often be the result.

Sports injuries

We love all sports – but they do carry the risk of injuries (sometimes through overuse) from knee ligament problems and ankle ligament sprains to muscular strains, tennis elbow, groin pain, hip pain, and tendonitis. All these debilitating conditions respond well to physiotherapy, and we treat everyone from young footballers to professional athletes and older recreational runners. Our exercise rehabilitation programmes often involve coaches and parents who are part of the team!

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“Having suffered back pain from February which was severely restricting my activities I was delighted to see Tina for a thorough assessment. The treatment I have had has been excellent and has solved my problem. Tina has been friendly but professional and has explained exactly what she is doing and what I can do to help myself.”
– Ann Livingstone

On your first personal training visit, we’ll take the time to look with you at your general health history, your exercise history, and any injuries or ailments you might have. If you need it, this can include tapping into one of our other multi-disciplinary specialists in chiropractic care, osteopathy, physiotherapy, sports therapy, massage or podiatry.

We’ll talk with you in detail about the goals you want to set and achieve – including how we intend to help you reach them, in what time frame, and how we’ll regularly measure your progress so you’ll know if you’re on track.

Our work with you is a team effort. The best results will naturally come when you’re feeling motivated, committed and empowered.

Body analysis

Your personal trainer will look at you holistically – including assessing very closely how you move. To help us do this you’ll need to undress to your underwear.*

Setting your goals

We understand that you’ll want to achieve your goals as quick as you possibly can. As the same time it pays to be realistic – so we’ll encourage you to set SMART goals:

be as specific as possible

M make your goals measurable

A make them achievable within a sensible time frame

R make them realistic and reasonable

T allow enough time – including how frequently you can exercise

Weight loss goals

If you’re setting out to lose weight, we’ll calculate your body fat % measurements as well as general body measurements including your height and weight. We also recommend before and after photos so you can see the physical change you achieve – as well as the change on the scales.

Performance goals

If you’re setting out to improve your physical performance and fitness, our scientifically methodical approach will include testing for body mechanics – not only your main muscle groups but the all-important stabilisers of your body too. This means we can determine any weaknesses and strengthen them as part of your training programme.

All this will help your personal trainer to recommend the most effective individual plan that will work best for you.

* We have private changing facilities and will provide you with gowns to wear over your underwear. If you’re unable to undress for religious or other reasons, please talk about this with our reception staff and the personal trainer before your appointment.

“My experience with the physiotherapist Tina has been fantastic. From the start she has been highly professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Her treatment and recommended exercises has resulted in a 85% improvement in four sessions.”
– Melanie Strachan

Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, get back to fitness after injury or train for a particular event, we can help you get there.

Your plan will be totally tailored to you by one of our highly experienced, fully qualified personal trainers – based on a full understanding of your health and fitness goals.

We’ll aim to cover all aspects of training, lifestyle and nutritional advice – a full package that will aim to help you achieve better physical performance and a greater sense of wellbeing.

And we’ll start with improving trunk stability. We use this method because it’s innate. It’s how we develop as babies when we first start moving. It’s the correct way. It works.

Functional rehab fitness

If you’re in the late stages of rehabilitation this gentle impact, circuit based fitness class is for you. Focussed on improving strength and aerobic capacity, the “functional” part means that we aim to help you control your body correctly – training it to move in the way it’s supposed to move. By identifying the weak links in the chain we can find out which parts of you we need to work on in order to get you into tip top condition. Not just back to your day to day – but better than you were before.

We do all this with a highly hands-on approach to make sure that you’re following correct techniques at all times. Our personal trainers are highly qualified not only in sports injury rehabilitation but also functional fitness. Class numbers are limited to five or six people, so that everyone can count on a high level of personal advice and guidance.

HIIT – High intensity interval training

You know how it is. You only have an hour or less for lunch, but you know that if you don’t do some exercise in that time you probably won’t do any at all. Or you know you want to lose a few pounds, but you don’t want to go to the gym and do yet another of those long, tedious workouts on the machines.

Our HIIT class is the perfect answer. You can get one hell of a workout in just thirty-five minutes, then grab yourself something for lunch and get back to the office refreshed and feeling great.

Based on short bursts of maximum intensity, you can burn 30% more calories with HIIT than with conventional methods. Working with your body weight as resistance, you can improve your aerobic capacity and boost your metabolism, resulting in fat loss and muscle gain. Best of all, it isn’t boring. Better still – the first one is on us.

“Treatment was very effective and I felt an improvement even after the first session. Treated a back problem and a long standing problem with my neck – both better than they have been for years. Very pleased.”
– Anonymous

An established profession

Personal training is very helpful to people who have legitimate goals but not necessarily the knowledge to achieve them. It has become a bigger part of the health industry for many years, helping those with obesity and diabetes to start leading a healthier life style.

Personal training can help not only physically, but also from a psychological point of view, allowing clients to exercise in a safe environment with no fear of judgement or scrutiny. Sports coaches have been helping professional sports people improve their strength and skill for years. With trust, time, commitment and hard work we can do the same for you.

Degree education and statutory regulation

Our personal trainers have extensive specialised knowledge. This includes an honours degree in sports science involving body movement, injury assessment and rehabilitation. In addition, their education includes REPS level 3, gym based boxing, studio cycling, kettlebells level 1 and suspension training.

This level of education allows our personal trainers to help you achieve your goals in the most functional and injury-free way possible. Our membership of the SMA requires us to continuously hone and develop our skills to give you the best treatment and services available.

Disease screening

When reviewing your general health history, we look for any contra-indications to exercise – for example high blood pressure or heart issues. We’ll need to make sure you’re signed off by a doctor to take part in physical activity before we’re able to continue with any sort of exercise plan. As much as we want to help you achieve your goals, we need to make sure it’s safe to do so before we’re able to take you on as a client.

Multidisciplinary approach

Body Consultancy offers various forms of treatment including chiropractic care, podiatry, osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage therapy and sports massage therapy. With your consent and if required, your personal trainer may refer you to one of the other practitioners within the clinic.

Our three phases of care

Treat – professional assessment

We believe in working with the whole person – not just the painful area. So we’ll spend time really understanding not only your current symptoms, but your daily activities, interests, experiences and goals. This phase involves regular bi-weekly treatment, normally lasting between two and four weeks depending on the duration and complexity of your complaint. We’ll then agree with you what we see as the most likely timetable and commitment from you during the next phase.

Stabilise – stability

We’ll advise you on what needs to change in the way you, move and hold yourself so that your problem doesn’t re-occur. We’ll help you build new habits to support your continued progress to full mobility and movement – while being realistic about what’s possible and what improvements are likely. But we can’t do the exercises for you, or be there to remind you about your posture at your desk, in the car or in front of the TV … so this phase calls for your active participation. The treatments in this phase are weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on how chronic and complex your condition is. Normally though, treatment intervals quickly spread apart. Our philosophy is that you hold the key to the success of the treatments and rehabilitation phases of care.

Maintain – ongoing movement

Our role here is to engage and empower you and your body to do what’s natural. So you need to in to confirm that what we planned together is still possible and working. You’ll stay fully supported by professionals who are on your side for getting the very best out of what life has to offer. This ongoing phase is usually especially important for conditions we refer to as chronic (over 6 month), sub-acute (over 3 months) or acute (last few weeks) with significant re occuring previous episodes.

Ready to change your movement?

We know you may want to check us out and get a feel for us before you commit! That’s why we offer any new client thinking of coming to us a short free initial assessment. Click the “Get in touch” button below to get the contact details to call or email us to book today at a time that suits you!

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