Sam Scott

MCHIRO Doctor of Chiropractic

Sam qualified as a Chiropractor from AECC University College following five years of training with the passion of wanting to help others. After observing a Chiropractor when younger, she became fascinated with how the body moves and how this can be used to improve the quality of lives for people. She believes in finding and treating the root cause of a problem and empowering patients to prevent further problems whilst learning about their bodies.

Sam is highly determined to support individuals to reach their goals through compassion and education. She has worked in a variety of backgrounds including the NHS for over seven years as a healthcare assistant and mental health support worker. She spent a lot of her time in the NHS working with children and this inspired her to undertake the paediatric placement at AECC.

During the paediatric placement, Sam worked with midwives at a breastfeeding clinic to support mum and baby in continuing their breastfeeding journey and help with latching issues, reflux, postural strain and provided a compassionate and supportive environment for both mum and baby. Sam has also treated babies as young as four days old with gentle spinal, cranial and visceral paediatric techniques.

Sam also offers a variety of hands-on treatment modalities for adults including spinal and extremity manipulations, mobilisations, soft and deep tissue massage, and other manual therapy techniques. She is passionate about treating families including all generations and empowering them with education to live happy, long and pain-free lives.

In her downtime, Sam enjoys reading, dancing and yoga but is enthusiastic to try any new hobbies. She loves animals of all shapes and sizes and currently owns three cats and one cheeky rabbit.

“There is a vast difference between treating the effects and adjusting the cause”. Striving to find the root cause of a problem and not just mask the symptoms is the aim of Sam’s practise. She is excited to continue learning and developing both professionally and personally to provide a high standard of care.