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Movement and Dance Therapy

One of the most standard pieces of advice for chronic pain patients is to be physically active. But the physical pain itself combined with a fear of movement (kinesiophobia) due to pain, make movement difficult. People with arthritis, fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions may

Pillow Talk – The Importance of Pillows

Unfortunately, there are people, companies and manufacturers out there that will scare us into believing that if we don’t do what they say bad things will happen. An example of this, which has recently come to my attention, is pillows. A pillow manufacturing company, that

Phobias and Pain

How are Phobias and Pain similar? Are you terrified of heights? Can you not bare the sight of a spider? Do you have a fear of popping joints!? If you have had one of these phobias or any type of phobia you will know that

Working at home – Ergonomics

The prospect of working from home can be a bit of a treat (sometimes) but there are a few pitfalls to be aware of so that you don’t end up with pesky aches and pains! Not all of us are lucky enough to have an

Summer Foot Care

With the summer months soon approaching, your feet will need additional care to keep them healthy through the warmer weather. Although with the current COVID 19 outbreak many of us will be avoiding being outdoors for long periods of time, those who are able, will

Ingrown Toenails

What can cause an ingrown toenail? An Ingrown toe nail can occur in any of the nails, but most commonly occur in the big toes, and are often the result of: • Cutting nails too short or incorrectly. • Wide fan-shaped toenails or alternatively pincer

COVID – 19

COVID-19 has been the biggest disruption to our modern way of life. It is affecting the way we shop, the way we work, the way we travel and the way we live our lives. These are testing times for all of us, especially our soldiers

Corns and Callus (Hard Skin)

What are corns and callus? When we walk, certain parts of our feet are subjected to higher levels of pressure and friction than other areas. When this pressure and friction becomes excessive, the body will produce areas of thickened skin as a protective response to

DNS – What is it and how can it help me?

DNS is an easy way of saying Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation. Simply put, this concept is a rehabilitation approach that is designed for everyone and anyone. It is an approach that controls movement centres in the brain and encourages our bodies to move how they are

My personal experience with back pain…

Hi, Nathan your Friendly Neighbourhood Osteopath here. As an Osteopath, you may think of me as immune to back pain. Like how Superman is impervious to bullets or how America is to gun logic. But unfortunately not. Recently I injured my back playing hockey. The