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Stress and tension can easily build up in your body’s soft tissues during physical activity. Poor posture or even just sitting at work can cause discomfort or tension too. Whether you need relief in your back, neck, calves, hamstrings or anywhere else, our experienced and highly qualified Verwood massage practitioners can help you. Deep tissue, sports or remedial massage can reduce acute or chronic pain and break down tight muscle areas and scar tissue quickly and effectively – so you can carry on performing at your best.

Meet our sports therapist Ella Deeley who works from our Ringwood and Verwood Body Consultancy clinics, all our other practitioners are trained in massage and can carry out sports massages at their clinics.

“A very good service – totally understand my condition and the need for a maintenance massage. I would totally recommend”
– Emma Walter

Deep tissue and remedial massage

When you’re suffering aches and pains from soft tissues that have stuck together or become tight or knotted, deep tissue massage can be a great way of releasing them or breaking them down.

Just one thirty minute massage will reduce your sore and tender spots and leave you feeling revitalised.

This type of massage can be pretty intense compared to others you might be used to. Our massage practitioners will apply much more pressure to get the required effect – especially with techniques like ‘trigger point release’. The initial intensity will gradually fade as your muscles become more relaxed.

Deep tissue massage is highly effective in reducing high blood pressure, scar tissue build up, pain symptoms, and the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

It can also increase joint mobility, help with arthritic pain and symptoms, and support muscular rehab.

Deep oscillation therapy

Many people see massage as a luxurious treat – but in fact regular massages can have a powerful effect on our long term physical and mental wellbeing. When a general body massage is combined with deep oscillation therapy, your body becomes completely and deeply relaxed within just ten to fifteen minutes.

Delivering gentle, non-invasive electrostatic pulses through skin, connective tissue, subcutaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels to a depth of 8cm, deep oscillation therapy can be applied all over the body. It quickly improves circulation, allowing fresh blood and oxygen to be pumped to your organs and skin. It will reduce nagging aches and pains, relax tight tense muscles, and allow stress knots in your back or shoulder to be worked on without further pain.

Unmatched in its treatment of many conditions, its fully documented clinical effects include reducing inflammation, moving interstitial fluid to promote flexibility and mobility, alleviating strong pain, accelerating recovery and promoting new cell growth.

Maintenance massage for recovery and peak performance

Keeping up with regular deep tissue massages is a great way to recover after a particularly labour- intensive day at work, or if you’ve had a hard training session at the gym.

Regular deep tissue massage will improve the quality of blood flow to your muscles as well as muscle quality itself. This means that when you train you’ll be less likely to get injured, less likely to get DOMS, and you’ll be able to work harder than ever before.

And like many of our competitive clients, regular sessions will help you stay at the top of your game and perform at your very best.

Shoulder and neck massage

Most people get headaches for three main reasons – too much caffeine, not enough water, or tension through the shoulders and neck.

So drink less coffee and more water, obviously … but what about the head tension?

Poor posture sitting or standing at work or being in the car for long periods leads to muscular tension. Equally, when we get stressed we tend to clench our jaw and breathe differently. This puts a lot of pressure on our neck muscles. That tension from the neck has a direct effect on head tension and headaches.

That’s where shoulder and neck massage comes in. After just one session you’ll realise how tight your neck muscles actually are and how much better they feel afterwards. After a few short sessions you’ll really feel the difference. After that, maintenance sessions every now and again will keep the headaches away.

Pre and post event massage

If you’re training in the lead-up an event or competition, our pre-event massages will help prepare your body to operate at optimum performance. Marathon runners come to us for pre-event massages, but the procedure is just as beneficial for any running distance or sporting event as a key part of your preparation regime. Talk to us about giving it a try next time you want to excel.

And afterwards? Our post-event massages promote rapid recovery and help clear out any waste products that build up in your muscles while you’re competing. They’ll also reduce muscle soreness in the days following your event. The sooner you see us after you’ve crossed the finishing line, the more effective the treatment!


Sports Massage:
New Client Massage
under 18
15 min consultation, 30 minute massage


30 minute massage
Under 18


45 minute massage
Under 18


60 minute massage
Under 18


Acu Massage:
60 minutes


Our three phases of care

Treat – professional assessment

We believe in working with the whole person – not just the painful area. So we’ll spend time really understanding not only your current symptoms, but your daily activities, interests, experiences and goals. This phase involves regular bi-weekly treatment, normally lasting between two and four weeks depending on the duration and complexity of your complaint. We’ll then agree with you what we see as the most likely timetable and commitment from you during the next phase.

Stabilise – stability

We’ll advise you on what needs to change in the way you, move and hold yourself so that your problem doesn’t re-occur. We’ll help you build new habits to support your continued progress to full mobility and movement – while being realistic about what’s possible and what improvements are likely. But we can’t do the exercises for you, or be there to remind you about your posture at your desk, in the car or in front of the TV … so this phase calls for your active participation. The treatments in this phase are weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on how chronic and complex your condition is. Normally though, treatment intervals quickly spread apart. Our philosophy is that you hold the key to the success of the treatments and rehabilitation phases of care.

Maintain – ongoing movement

Our role here is to engage and empower you and your body to do what’s natural. So you need to in to confirm that what we planned together is still possible and working. You’ll stay fully supported by professionals who are on your side for getting the very best out of what life has to offer. This ongoing phase is usually especially important for conditions we refer to as chronic (over 6 month), sub-acute (over 3 months) or acute (last few weeks) with significant re occuring previous episodes.

Ready to change your movement?

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