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Fungal Nail Infection

What is Fungal Nail Infection? Fungal nail infection can affect any nail, but most commonly is found in the toenails, as enclosed shoes help provide a warm, damp environment which fungi thrive on. The infection is caused by mainly dermatophyte fungi, although other moulds and

Athletes Foot

Athletes foot, also known as Tinea Pedis, is a common fungal skin infection of the feet. Symptoms of Athletes Foot: • Most often found between the toes due to higher levels of moisture which can occur in this area, but can infect any part of

Summer Foot Care

With the summer months soon approaching, your feet will need additional care to keep them healthy through the warmer weather. Although with the current COVID 19 outbreak many of us will be avoiding being outdoors for long periods of time, those who are able, will

Ingrown Toenails

What can cause an ingrown toenail? An Ingrown toe nail can occur in any of the nails, but most commonly occur in the big toes, and are often the result of: • Cutting nails too short or incorrectly. • Wide fan-shaped toenails or alternatively pincer

COVID – 19

COVID-19 has been the biggest disruption to our modern way of life. It is affecting the way we shop, the way we work, the way we travel and the way we live our lives. These are testing times for all of us, especially our soldiers

Corns and Callus (Hard Skin)

What are corns and callus? When we walk, certain parts of our feet are subjected to higher levels of pressure and friction than other areas. When this pressure and friction becomes excessive, the body will produce areas of thickened skin as a protective response to