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The Sitting Series: Kneeling Chairs

What chair is best for me and my health? Not everyone is lucky enough to sit back in a la-z-boy at work. Ergonomic chairs that offer improved leg, pelvic and lumbar positioning are increasing in popularity, but they still have their own downsides. Using one

The Pregnancy Series: How to sleep easy!

Find a comfy safe sleeping position for you and the baby Trying to sleep with that bump can be difficult, uncomfortable and just down right frustrating. Today we will go over how to get comfortable and stay that way the whole night! Lying on your

Pillow Talk – The Importance of Pillows

Unfortunately, there are people, companies and manufacturers out there that will scare us into believing that if we don’t do what they say bad things will happen. An example of this, which has recently come to my attention, is pillows. A pillow manufacturing company, that

Phobias and Pain

How are Phobias and Pain similar? Are you terrified of heights? Can you not bare the sight of a spider? Do you have a fear of popping joints!? If you have had one of these phobias or any type of phobia you will know that

COVID – 19

COVID-19 has been the biggest disruption to our modern way of life. It is affecting the way we shop, the way we work, the way we travel and the way we live our lives. These are testing times for all of us, especially our soldiers

DNS – What is it and how can it help me?

DNS is an easy way of saying Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation. Simply put, this concept is a rehabilitation approach that is designed for everyone and anyone. It is an approach that controls movement centres in the brain and encourages our bodies to move how they are

The Everyday Series: Driving

Drive comfortably and correctly – Pain free Most people drive or at the very least spend some time in a car every day. It is important to have a healthy posture and keep bad habits away. Seat Height First things first we want to adjust