Let’s Help Sheila!

Her story…

5 years ago, after an accidental fall, it was discovered that Sheila had a tumour on her left kidney.

Three weeks later she had a lengthy surgery – an open partial nephrectomy – which is where they removed half of her kidney and the tumour. She was then told several times she was cured and went on to raise over £7,500 for kidney cancer charities. Roll forward to January 2017 Sheila was told that she now had numerous tumours on both kidneys and one in her pancreas. In October 2017, Sheila ended up going on a clinical trial testing an immunotherapy drug, along with another type of drug that’s used in advanced kidney cancer.

After week 7 of the trial, She started to experience life-threatening side effects and now has a condition called lymphocytic colitis (caused by the immunotherapy drugs). It was confirmed that she now has an autoimmune disorder – where her own body is attacking some of her healthy organs. She was told that the trial drugs had caused something called autoimmune hepatitis. So, she was taken off the trial in Feb 2018 as the side effects were literally killing her.  But, because of the on-going toxicity in her liver, it’s meant that she hadn’t been able to access any ‘systemic treatments’ as her liver simply cannot process the drugs.

Shortly after coming off the trial, a CT scan showed that the tumour in her pancreas had grown substantially, and she has two major arteries sitting on top of it. She ended up having an operation called Nanoknife – which unfortunately did not get rid of the entire tumour and the remains are still growing. She has discussed what options are now left for her. But nothing can be offered to her on the NHS for the tumour in my pancreas, or the difficult to reach ones in her kidney.

She has now discussed something called Stereotactic Radiotherapy – this is usually used on brain tumours.  However, it has been used all over Europe and the US to successfully treat tumours elsewhere in the body – including the pancreas and kidneys.  She has also looked into something called chemo embolization – which would help zap the inaccessible tumours on her kidneys.

This is where Sheila needs your help…

As you can imagine these are expensive treatments and she needs to raise approximately £60,000 – We know it’s a huge amount of money – but we simply have to try and cannot do it alone.

We’d really like your help to raise money for a treatment that could help save Sheila’s life. You can purchase a raffle ticket for just £2 from reception for your chance to win a 45-minute massage, and the chance to help save Sheila!

Here is the link to her go fund me page: All donations are very much appreciated and will be a huge help to Sheila and her family.

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