Let’s Help Sheila!

Her story…

5 years ago, after an accidental fall, it was discovered that Sheila had a tumour on her left kidney.

Three weeks later she had a lengthy surgery – an open partial nephrectomy – which is where they removed half of her kidney and the tumour. She was then told several times she was cured and went on to raise over £7,500 for kidney cancer charities. Roll forward to January 2017 Sheila was told that she now had numerous tumours on both kidneys and one in her pancreas. In October 2017, Sheila ended up going on a clinical trial testing an immunotherapy drug, along with another type of drug that’s used in advanced kidney cancer.

After week 7 of the trial, She started to experience life-threatening side effects and now has a condition called lymphocytic colitis (caused by the immunotherapy drugs). It was confirmed that she now has an autoimmune disorder – where her own body is attacking some of her healthy organs. She was told that the trial drugs had caused something called autoimmune hepatitis. So, she was taken off the trial in Feb 2018 as the side effects were literally killing her.  But, because of the on-going toxicity in her liver, it’s meant that she hadn’t been able to access any ‘systemic treatments’ as her liver simply cannot process the drugs.

Shortly after coming off the trial, a CT scan showed that the tumour in her pancreas had grown substantially, and she has two major arteries sitting on top of it. She ended up having an operation called Nanoknife – which unfortunately did not get rid of the entire tumour and the remains are still growing. She has discussed what options are now left for her. But nothing can be offered to her on the NHS for the tumour in my pancreas, or the difficult to reach ones in her kidney.

She has now discussed something called Stereotactic Radiotherapy – this is usually used on brain tumours.  However, it has been used all over Europe and the US to successfully treat tumours elsewhere in the body – including the pancreas and kidneys.  She has also looked into something called chemo embolization – which would help zap the inaccessible tumours on her kidneys.

This is where Sheila needs your help…

As you can imagine these are expensive treatments and she needs to raise approximately £60,000 – We know it’s a huge amount of money – but we simply have to try and cannot do it alone.

We’d really like your help to raise money for a treatment that could help save Sheila’s life. You can purchase a raffle ticket for just £2 from reception for your chance to win a 45-minute massage, and the chance to help save Sheila!

Here is the link to her go fund me page: All donations are very much appreciated and will be a huge help to Sheila and her family.

Personal Training at Body Consultancy

What is Personal Training?

Here at Body Consultancy we offer tailored exercise prescription on a personal one-to-one basis. But we are different from the rest…

Our personal trainers are highly qualified and work closely alongside our practitioners to offer not just a fitness plan, but also an injury preventative or rehabilitation program if needs be.

With our motivation, goal setting, provision of feedback and accountability, we rate ourselves among the very best to ensure you reach your potential. Most of our specific exercise programmes are high intensity but relatively short regimes, rather than long and tedious cardio sessions. We implement training programmes this way because it is much more enjoyable and sustainable, and research evidence shows that interval based training gets you fitter than other training methods, and in a shorter amount of time (Wisloff et al 2009).

When you train with us we cover all aspects of training, lifestyle and nutrition – because it’s the whole package that will make you fitter, healthier, stronger, and ultimately happier. We know it’s vital that you cover all bases and get the ongoing support on the way to reaching your goals, and once you have reached them.

HIIT Training

Want to get fit, quick? HIIT training is based around intense bursts of activity to improve aerobic capacity and boost metabolism. Working with your body weight as resistance, resulting in optimum muscle building and muscle retention. You will perform a series of exercises with 30 seconds rest in between, speeding up your metabolic rate, boosting the metabolism and burning fat.


  • Healthier Heart
  • Lose fat not muscle
  • Increase metabolism
  • Burns Fat
  • Uses own body weight resistance

Functional Rehab Fitness

This class is a circuit-based fitness class, designed to get you fit but in a safe and effective way. Perfect for those at the point where they can start getting more active but need to take a bit of extra care due to a previous or current condition.

It is a class to improve strength, aerobic capacity, and is a late-stage rehabilitation class to keep a qualified eye on previous injuries from which you may have suffered. The ‘functional’ part of the class means that it includes exercises that strengthen muscles directly related to everyday movements and postures, or those that typically cause us injury or discomfort from being inactive or weak during everyday life. The class is led by a highly qualified instructor who will be very hands-on with you, to ensure that your technique is correct at all times.

Class numbers are specifically limited to 9-10 people maximum, ensuring that everyone receives a high level of personal advice and guidance throughout.


Contact us on 01425 839908 to discover more about our personal training sessions!

Yoga or Pilates: Which is right for you?

What is yoga?

Yoga originated in India and is presented as a philosophy. It’s about self-knowledge through physical exercises, breathing and meditation. During body exercises called Asanas, all muscles are stretched and then released in order to increase flexibility and strength. Breathing exercises, called Pranayama, aim to connect the body with the mind through breathing. It’s common to have a sense of total relaxation after an intense yoga session.

Yoga is great if you want…

  • Improved mobility
  • To strengthen your muscles
  • To get rid of back pain and other internal tensions
  • To exercise both your body and mind
  • To strengthen your self-awareness
  • To relax and feel a sense of accomplishment

And what is Pilates?

This complete body training takes its name from its founder Joseph Pilates and was developed during the First World War to improve the strength and flexibility of soldiers. In the 1960s the method became hugely popular in New York and the practice has continued to grow since. The objective is to work your core and improve posture by strengthening your pelvic floor, your lower back and abdominal muscles. This region is called the “powerhouse” of the human body. As in yoga, the muscles are stretched and released again. Breathing also plays an important role in intensifying the exercises and relieving tension.

Unlike yoga where only a mat is necessary, Pilates can be practised using specific equipment, such as a “reform”.

Pilates is great if you want…

  • To relieve tension and back pain
  • To strengthen your spine
  • To improve your agility
  • Improve your posture
  • If you’re looking for a complement to another sport

Which to choose: yoga or Pilates?

There are several similarities between these disciplines, however, the key differences are that Pilates is newer than yoga, uses additional devices and is more fluid. Pilates is great if you’ve been injured or want to get back into fitness after a long break.

Yoga is more than just a succession of exercises – there’s an entire philosophy behind it. It has a vital spiritual dimension that optimises your physical abilities and your mental wellbeing. It relaxes your mind, deepens your self-knowledge and can help you in many ways beyond just physical fitness.

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